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Drivers BK Sneltransport compete for lowest CO2 emissions

Despite the fact that corporate social responsibility seems to be a trend, at BK Sneltransport we have been operating since, the start of our existence (2001), with sustainable thinking.In fact, it is in our DNA. Our drivers, for example, have made a contest of who runs the most economical and leaves the lowest CO2 footprint. We constantly make analyzes of their driving style and of course the winner will receive a prize.

BK Sneltransport works according to the CO2 Performance Ladder

We use the CO2 Performance Ladder as a useful tool for mapping and reducing the CO2 emissions of our organization. Our footprint is recalculated every six months and communicated internally and externally. Our goal is to have 20% less CO2 emissions by 2020. Furthermore, we actively participate in initiatives concerning the reduction of CO2 in our sector or beyond.

”A deal is a deal. We always say what we are going to do and do what we say”
Michelle Lommen
BK Sneltransport