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Privacy Statement

1.0. Controller
According to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), BK is the controller with regard to all business processes. This means that we determine, among other things, which personal data we process, how we process personal data and what the storage period is. In addition, we also determine who has access to the personal data.

2.0. Purpose of processing personal data Recruitment & Selection procedure

Pursuant to the Recruitment & Selection procedure, processing of the resume and all other relevant personal data takes place before going through the application procedure which has to result in an assessment of the suitability of the candidate for a specific vacancy. This personal data has been provided by you in the context of the application. Some specific matters are explained in more detail below.



Depending on the position an assessment may be necessary. If this is necessary it will be stated with regard to the relevant vacancy. The results of the assessment are always sent to you first. You then have the option to object to the sharing of the results with BK. This may affect your application.


It may be preferable to approach references so that we can assess suitability for the position. You give permission for this by indicating which references we can contact. You can withdraw your permission. Please use the contact details below.



Diplomas are checked by us for authenticity. For this we can contact the educational institution that issued the diploma.


3.0. Providing personal data
The personal data provided will only be processed for the intended purpose. We can provide the resume and all other relevant personal data provided by the candidate before or during the Recruitment and Selection procedure to external HR advisors who guides BK through the application procedure. The data will not be provided to other third parties. The processing of personal data takes place within the European Economic Area.

4.0. Security
BK stores the data on secure servers within the local IT environment and if necessary with third parties. Taking into account the state of the art, the implementation costs and the purpose and the likelihood and severity of a breach, BK always takes appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure a risk-adjusted level of security. BK also expects this level of security of the third party. To ensure the above BK will agree to a data processing agreement with all third parties that process personal data on the written instruction of BK and for which BK determines the means. In addition, a non-disclosure clause is included in the labor agreement and a non-disclosure agreement is agreed with third parties so that the privacy of the personal data is guaranteed.

5.0. Storage period
Various storage periods exist within employment law and other legislation and regulations. However, BK will never store the personal data for longer than is necessary for the performance of its (legal) obligations, unless a different legal basis requires a longer storage period.

If we do not offer you an employment contract, all personal data will be immediately deleted within 2 months after the selection process is terminated, unless you have given explicit permission for a longer storage period in the event that a relevant vacancy arises within 1 year. After the storage period, the personal data is extracted from the process by removal/destruction or anonymization.


6.0. Right to access to personal data
If you want to access your personal data, you can contact the Human Resources department.

In order to process your request, the HR department wishes to receive your written request by letter or e-mail. 


7.0. Right to rectification, erasure, restriction, objection and right of data portability
Also if personal data is not correct, or you want personal data to be deleted, limit the processing of personal data, transfer data, or object, then the request must be sent to the HR department.

8.0. Questions and feedback
If you have questions or want to give feedback concerning this policy, you can contact us by letter or e-mail:
BK Sneltransport B.V.
To: Department Human Resources 
Pater van den Elsenlaan 8
5462 GG Veghel 
You can also contact our Data Protection Officer by email address fg@bksneltransport.nl

In the unlikely event that we can’t resolve the matter together, you can send your complaint to:
Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens
PO Box 93374

2509 AJ Den Haag


Date publication: 11 October 2023