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Nieuwe aanwinst DAF XF

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Ladies and gentlemen we've got them!

Ladies and gentlemen we've got them!




Today BK-Sneltransport collected two new Mercedes Benz Actros 1848 Bigspace (Euro 6) Tractor units. Because of increasing demand for last-minute urgent transports with larger equipment we have decided to add them to our existing fleet. With this expansion BK-Sneltransport now has 12 truck’s in its fleet. Double stock, Dual temp, FRC-X, GDP, TAPA-TSR certified equipment.

Besides the truck fleet, BK-Sneltransport of course still specializes in all ranges of equipment such as Caddy, Crafter, Crafter box van’s. All build according to very specific BK guidelines based on our 15 year experience in high value conditioned pharma transports. From every conditioned vehicle the calibrated temperature recorders can be monitored online. BK-Sneltransport’s aim is, without a doubt to remain the leader in quality, flexibility and service for our high demanding clients.


Later this year 5 conditioned Caddy’s, 3 dual-temp conditioned Iveco daily’s and 1 Dual temp DAF 106 XF Super Spacecab will be delivered. This will bring BK-Sneltransport’s total fleet on 85 units.

These expansions will make us again more flexible so we can keep serving our clients. 

No is never an option. 


New Actros BK-Sneltransport


New Actros BK-Sneltransport

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